Bitcoin Integrations

Our developers and engineers will equip your existing website with the option to accept Bitcoins, Ethereum Ripple, Litecoin, etc. Orshay experienced consultants are happy to step-up your digital wallets so you could safely receive and send cryptocurrencies all around the world. We know you do not want to be the last organization to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so let Orshay be your guide into this decentralize world.

Cryptocurrency Development

With Orshay cryptocurrency development team; we could create your own bank and form of currency that your customer could invest in while at the same time buying your product and services. Imagine the brand loyalty once your customer realizes they are spending your cryptocurrency versus traditional fiat currency. We take the proper steps and partner with Ethereum to make sure you are getting top quality service with clad iron products.

Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

We saw how fast the app store grew over the past ten years with two main platforms controlling and censoring the information. We are in the times where we are creating a world of new apps with no middlemen like the App or Play Store. So, in other words, create apps that work for the people versus working for the platforms that you have to abide by there rules and regulations. Orshay could help deploy your Dapps and make your dreams come alive.

Initial Coin Offering (ICOs)

Is your cryptocurrency startup ready to start collecting funds for your projects? If so Orshay is here to navigate you through the process of creating your whitepaper which is your plans and objective for your project. Orshay also helps with determining how much funds need to be raised, and how many virtual tokens you should keep for yourself and the organization to grow.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Is your company and/or organization ready for leaderless hierarchy. That's right cut out the middle and upper management and the let employees and stakeholders make all the decisions moving forward. That time is now and Orshay is here to help you save time and money. We all know that middle and upper management is glorified high paid babysitters, that weighing your organization down. Let's cut the fat so your organization could move faster and increase profits.

Security Tokens

Now is the best time to transfer your financial products into digital assets (security tokens). Blockchain has developed the technology to eliminate the middleman in all deals, create a crystal clear path for lower fees, and a much larger market base. The nontraditional investor could enter the marketplace and buy those products with no hesitation. Let Orshay guide you through the process of creating those digital assets and increase your profits to new levels.


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